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Your art  --  Greek Island  --  Imagination

Combined as never before

Anita Miller                        “An Odyssey Inside Your Imagination”

Experience the joy of artistic expression and creative writing with hypnosis.

Join artist and writer, Anita Miller, in an inner journey of creativity and inspiration on the beautiful and secluded Greek Island of Paros.

In this week-long workshop participants will …

…experience the joy of connecting with kindred spirits
…delight in a selection of artistic explorations in watercolor, drawings in pen and ink, and collage
…take part in guided writing exercises aimed at exciting the imagination
…gain insights with hypnosis that help to access the mind’s eye
…practice the art of creative expression in an encouraging and supportive environment
…explore the island of Paros in their free time
…unwind in an atmosphere of leisure, love and mutual respect   

2017/18:  Anita is deep into other projects so we have not scheduled any Greece workshops with her.  Please take a look at our current alternative.

Due to popular request we are adding an optional extra week to visit the major sites in Athens and the Greece mainland.  Take a look at Art & Antiquities


Anita Miller painting in Aliki, Paros, harbour

Anita Miller is an internationally acclaimed artist and instructor. Seen on CNN for her realistically painted life sized portraits of the 23 fallen of Lima Company, entitled Lima Company Memorial, A Remembrance of Spirit & Choice, Anita is also well known for her landscape painting workshops.
She has painted in England, France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Canada and across the United States. She guides with patient compassion and enjoys instructing beginners as well as experienced professionals. Anita has been teaching classes continuously in her studio, The Artist's Roost in Columbus, Ohio for 12 years and assists her students to find their own unique and personal visual voice.


As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Anita can help people get in touch with their inner joy and creative intelligence. Guiding the workshop with hypnosis, she will assist willing participants in skilfully engaging the power of their imaginative subconscious mind, clearing away any blocks that inhibit the creative process.

"An Odyssey Inside Your Imagination" is the beginning of your personal growth journey.
We help you discover more of the creative potential already within you.

Workshop Outline:

Sunday arrival on Paros:  Start with evening meal and lecture on finding your creative inner voice.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  Specific guided imagery hypnosis sessions focused on creative expression and development will be followed by projects in painting and/or creative writing. Participants will be making their own personal illustrated travel journal or illustrated creative writing journal.

Wednesday:  Free time for individual enjoyment of Paros, the island with something for everyone

Friday night:  Dinner and sharing of art and experiences

Saturday:  Optional creative expression day

Mesa near Sante Fe by Anita MillerThis watercolor (click to enlarge) painted at Ghost Ranch, N.M. illustrates the technique Anita will focus on during the workshop. 


Please direct any questions about Paros, accommodation, meals and the like to Michael at Paros Hospitality.


Paros has been inhabited longer than Athens.  The light and air is incomparable. The island is both stimulating and relaxing.

We do have a specific agenda filling each day with Greek isle experiences and art instruction but not too structured as it is YOUR EXPERIENCE that we facilitate and enhance.

Some of the places we will work and play in are:

Piso Livadi beach

Lefkes is a village favored by the artistic minded (right brain).  It is physically impossible to contort yourself to not see a painting, photo or pleasant view.

Piso Livadi equals beach = boats = pier = mountain, oh yes, and the sea.

Aliki is small yet full of Cycladic architecture.  Very calm and peaceful.

Naoussa, the in place with a colorful touristy facade.  Both quaint and active.


More of Anita's artistic voice: 

Lefkes View by Anita Miller        Resting Boats by Anita Miller        Mending Nets by Anita Miller        Early Morning Sun by Anita Miller

Accommodations and meals provided to traditional standards that previous participants have raved about.  Package includes 7 nights lodging in a traditional Greek hotel with swimming pool and all the standard amenities, including breakfast.  We have 4 shared lunches together and three scheduled dinners.  Other dinners and lunches are spontaneous with the wealth of Paros restaurants and tavernas to choose from.  Also all on-island transportation is included.

Participants can bring their own watercolor and pen and ink and journaling supplies or a kit can be purchased from Anita for approximately $50. Details will be provided on registration. If painters prefer to work in oil or acrylic, Anita is happy to provide advice on supplies.

You must find your own flights and ferries to Paros but workshop leaders and hosts are available for guidance and information on finding the best connections from your home airport as well as meeting up in Athens.

Estimated Workshop Fee:  850 Euro - Single occupancy.  Discount of €125 for sharing your hotel room with another participant.

Partners and friends are welcome:  490 Euro, Double occupancy.

This site provides the current exchange rate for the Euro:


Please e-mail for a complete course description and particulars of the workshop.

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