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(Not including comments in German, French, Swedish, even Greek. . . )

We are proud of our ability to make our guests comfortable.  Each traveler is unique in their need for company and information balanced with their desire for privacy and the joy of discovery.

Now that we specialize in private villa rentals and no longer operate our own guest house/hotel we don't have the same daily contact  nor the same volume of comments.  But we do still love to share our piece of paradise on Paros.


April 2008:                  A little letter to the lovely Villa Randiana . . .

     We exhausted, pale, weary 7 came to you in need only of a place to relax, but we have been overwhelmed by the beauty of this house and that of Paros.

     The country-side is lovely; the water is unimaginably blue; and everyone is welcoming and eager.  We rented bikes in Parikia and two members of our party were brave enough to wake board.  But the real pleasures of this trip were the landscape and pace of life.

     Jenna loved the monkfish at Aligaria in Parikia, we all loved the roof terrace and several of us are convinced that there is no match to life here.

     Thank you!  We are absolutely enamoured with this place!

     Thank you also to Mike Shepherd!

                Best, V, J, L, A, K, V, and C (one year older!)

                Students in Brittany


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Whole wide world

Dear Karin & Michael,

          My stay with you was very pleasant.  Your love, simplicity and humor accompanied my stay here.  Thanks.

          To me, you are a very brave couple, who chose to live life in a non-ordinary way, because that is what you are—special.

          You are probably an example to what is possible, to freedom of choice.

                              Thank You, 



beach party

Yolanda & Karin at Beach Party

Mike & Karin,

          Thanks so much for all your help and hospitality.  We really felt at home here in Paros.

          You created such a wonderful atmosphere that we didn’t want to leave.  I’m sure we’ll be back to visit this little bit of Paradise.

          Best wishes in all your future endeavors.

                              C & E

                              Virginia, USA

Dear Mike & Karin,

          It was our lucky day when we met Mike on coming off the ferry.  Our stay here has been everything we would have wished for. 

Favourite times for us were early morning swims at Parasporos Beach—utopia!

Also loved evening meal and walk through town of Paroikia.

          Very, very hard to leave.

          But we must make a living if we want to come back.

                              D & M


Dear Michael & Karin,

          Thank you very much for your hospitality.  Our stay was short, but we enjoyed it at its maximum thanks to you:  your advice, chat, etc…..

          I’m sure you’ll achieve all of your dreams . . .

          Take care.  Au revoir!

                              F from France

              See yas     D from Oz


Dear Karin and Michael,

          Thank you for a lovely time.  You are so nice and full of humor!  The first days you really took us into your heart.  You have been great and social so it’s very hard to leave you.  We’ll remember the great stories you guys told us.  I hope you guys will come over to Sweden and celebrate Christmas with us. J Hope we meet again!


                    A & H (15 & 13)



Kalimera, Karin & Michael

          Now we have passed 12 lovely days with those guys on this island.

          The sea is blue, wet and warm and we snorkeled a lot.  No ears from the mermaids, though. . . .

          The Greek dinner and American barbecue together with all the guests was a really good idea!

                    M & S



Dear Karin and Michael,

          It was very nice to be here.  We hope to see you soon in Amsterdam.

                    R & T (9 and 7)



Dear Karin & Michael,

          Thanks for all your help and hospitality.  This 3 weeks were really fantastic.

          We felt most welcome at your place like we were family.  Thank you so much for your company and the scooter rides.

                    With love

                    M & Y



Dear Karin, dear Michael,

          We had a very nice week here in Paros.  Without you and the very familiar and sympathetic atmosphere you created here, it wouldn’t have been the half.

          The evenings together with the other guests and Karin’s cooking we enjoyed very much.

                    Your two “Frankfurters”

                    O & L



Everything here was pretty, calm and amazing.  It was just the perfect place for a honeymoon.  Thank you for all the hospitality.  We will try to return one day!

                    L & M

                    Albania & USA

Dear Karin, dear Michael,

          There are many people in the whole world who are nice but you are some of the greatest people we ever met!!  We like you so much and hope we stay in contact and see us in our lives again . . . Where every you are be sappy, satisfied (?) and as lovely as you are!!

          Thanks for all . . .With big love and much kisses

                    S & S


self-catering lodging

Carl & Ben Washing Up





        Thank you for your hospitality.  You have been a great host/hostess.  Now we are leaving the quiet village for the noisy town . . 

          The beach we liked most was Farangas; it was the best . . .

          The old harbour in Noussa is well worth a visit during nighttime.

          Hope your dreams come true!

                    P & M



Please note:  We are indebted to Manfred Hoffbauer for many of the photos on this site.  He is multi-talented, doing sound recording and web site development as well. 

April 2003

Dear Michael & Karin,

            Even though the weather was unusually cold for this time of year, we enjoyed our stay with you.  We particularly enjoyed Sunday evening playing “Phase 10” and talking.  Karin, you made the best cake.  It was truly delicious!  Your view from the hill is lovely!  We would like to come back and bask in the sun.  We did get a bit today at Sarnia’s Restaurant in the Old Market.  It was a lovely place to have lunch.

            As Ever, 

            M.,  M & C


May 2003

 Dear Karin and Michael,

             Thank you very much for the lovely visit.  Paros is pretty and tranquil and I will miss this perfect view of the sunset!  Dinner was a wonderful idea, it’s always nice to meet up with others during your travels.  Best of luck for the upcoming summer…

             Thanks again,

             K & K


Dear Karin and Michael

            We really enjoyed your company!  All your added extra help and participation has made this visit special.  Now that you are honorary Canadians, we expect to see you in Onario showing off your Euchre skills! 

             Keep in touch!

            S & S



            There once was a place called Marinio Studios,

            On the island of Paros in Greece.

             Where Karin and Michael make you feel at home,

            When you’re looking for quiet and peace.

             Their friendly advice and great sense of humor,

            Are constantly offered for free.

             On an island in Greece with these wonderful   people,

            What a fabulous place to be!


Thank you for everything Kari and Michael, especially our constant plan changing!

Take care and we wish you all the best!

            R & T


Dear Karin and Michael,

            Thanks for a great stay – the room was lovely and the view from the balcony was awesome.  Thanks for all your friendly advice.

             Take care,

            D & P & B

            Spain and USA

 June 2003

 Dear Karin and Michael,

Many many thanks for an extremely pleasant stay.  Your excellent hospitality and extreme friendliness were striking.  The very comfortable apartments in such a beautiful location were such a great pleasure to enjoy.  We just wish we could stay longer----hopefully another day!!!  We will highly recommend your studios to family and friends.

 All the best,

P & N & T


 Dear Karin and Michael,

 It’s been a pleasure to stay here with you and your friendliness and kindness has made our holiday in Paros wonderful.  We’ve enjoyed every minute, especially buzzing around the island on the little red scooter.  Hope to be back again!

 S & B


 July 2003

 Thank you for your amazing hospitality in this little piece of paradise called Paros.  You have made the visit of four Texas girls one of the best ever.  Thank you!

 J & E & L & V


 To Michael and Karin:

 Thank you for your very warm welcome and hospitality throughout our stay.  We enjoyed both the beaches and your company.  The room was -----PERFECT! (Room #6 – “Room with a View).  The little touches you made went a long way.  We could not have asked for anything more.

 I and N


 August 2003

 Dear Michael and Karin,

 Just want to say thanks for the best possible end to our 11 county tour of Europe.  We have relaxed, enjoyed the swimming and snorkelling, the ouzo and especially your tzatziki!

 All the best,

A & E



Thank you very much for making us feel so welcome during our stay here.  I only wish we could have stayed longer.

 S & M



We have had a wonderful time here, even though we only stayed two nights.  Having your advice made a big difference to the way we able to plan our time here.  We managed quite a few activities for only 2 days – the beach, especially was gorgeous.  Thank you so much for being so welcoming, helpful and hospitable.  For the cards, the great breakfast, and the ice for my toe!!! 

 T & T

New Zealand



November olive harvest

2007: Now that we don't operate our own "hotel" anymore the guest comments are more infrequent but just as satisfying.

Here is one from the Villa Randiana:

"The pictures of this Villa do not do it justice. We were overjoyed when we arrived. Sitting on the front porch for breakfast while gazing at the Mediterranean Sea was a highlight of the visit. Very quiet (except for the rooster that crows!). Very clean. Our children LOVED the pool. We were very please that the car rental was included. Would recommend to ALL our friends. We hope we can come back too!"

Thank you for being so nice and helpful.  The dinner on the roof was great.  Agri Irini was a nice beach.  Thank you for your advice!

          You have helped us getting a lot of memories to bring home to Sweden.  You are definitely a part of them!

                    Good Luck with all.

                         M & M

                    Stockholm, Sweden


          A HUGE Thank You to you both for making our first visit to Greece a very memorable one.

          You have been great fun to be with.  We really enjoyed the barbecue we all had at “Yolanda’s Beach” and the great snorkeling we discovered there afterwards.

          Thank you for your many kindnesses and helpful advice and great hospitality which have made our holiday all the more enjoyable.

                    With our love,

                    S, J, H, & K



          Thank you for the visit here in Alyki.  We liked the Golden Beach very much!

                    A & B



          Thank you so much for these great days.  It’s been wonderful; absolutely the nicest place during our trip on the islands.

          The dinner was really nice last night.  Thanks again for everything and for making our trip memorable.


                    H & N



          Dear Karen, Dear Mike,

          Thank you very much for everything. It was good being your guests.  I wish that everything you expect and dream will happen and I wish you and your family good luck, health and the best.




Dear Karen, Dear Mike,

          Thank you very much for the great days, for your hospitality.  We will remember you and this holiday for a long time and we wish you good luck and health.

                    C & M



Dear Karen & Mike,

          Seven days have been too short a time, but we’ll be back on our next holiday.  We hope you’ll still be here!

                    B, H, and T



We had a thoroughly enjoyable stay at your tranquil corner of Paros.  Thanks for the help with the logistics and local travel tips, and most of all your tolerance of being invaded by a pair of noisy under-5’s.  Bruce and Kirsty comment that you live across the street from “probably the best children’s’ playground in Greece”!

Now we’re off to Naxos—we’ll be back . . .

                    C, V, B, & K



Everything was fantastic (except the mosquitoes!).  Thanks for helping make this such a wonderful holiday.




island scooter hire

Tim's 1st Scooter ride

Thanks for the fabulous holiday!  The food is wonderful and snorkeling great. 

Please keep the emails coming. :-)   





Thanks for a wonderful holiday.  This is just what this over-worked Texan needed.  The food, sites, and snorkeling were unbelievable.

Definitely a vacation to remember.




Dear Karin and Michael,

          Thank you both for your hospitality.  We have really enjoyed every minute!  The lovely evening meals, the games of Phase 10, trips to the beaches!  What a laid back lifestyle.  It’s difficult to leave!

          Maybe we’ll see you in Ireland or the U.S.  You are always welcome in our homes!

                    Love ya,

                    B & B

                    Ireland and USA


“The rooms were dirty, the service was poor and the food was bad . . . “ . . . NOT (Just thought I’d say something you hadn’t heard before!)

          Nothing could be further from the truth.

          Thank you Michael and Karen for a relaxing holiday and for all your help and kindness.  It’s great to come to a place like this for your holiday and its even better if you are staying with friends.

          Karen:  You worry too much about your cooking.  You haven’t made a thing yet I didn’t enjoy.  I think you opened my cousin’s eyes.

          Michael:  Thanks for all the helpful advice, hints and do’s and don’ts. 

I hope to see you both next year and I’ll bring loads of people.




Mike, Karen

Thank you so much for making my first REAL holiday abroad in Greece amazing!  Your hospitality and willingness to help in whatever we did was fantastic.  I’ll be sure to spread the word about this place and will definitely be back next year with a few mates (I hope)!

Thanks for giving me a taste of life on Greece, only wish I could stay longer!

See you next year I hope!  The plane flight should be a lot easier knowing what I’ve got to look forward to!

P.S.  Many thanks to Karen for her wonderful cooking.  It was a pleasure washing up after such a lovely meal!





          Karen and Michael,

          I have enjoyed meeting you both.  The island is beautiful and you have made my trip extremely comfortable.  I’ve enjoyed our girl talks, Karen.  Best wishes for a profitable and healthy year.

          Keep in touch and keep smiling.

                    N & C

                    Oregon, USA

 May 2003

 Dear Karin and Michael,

            Thank you so much for making our stay in Paros a memorable one.  Well, what can I say, the view, sunset and hospitality has been amazing.  It’s great to know we’ll have good friends on the island for our summer stay.  We’ll defiantly be keeping in touch.  Cheers again and here’s to a good summer!

            R + N



  We enjoyed the staying in your peaceful place.  Wish you all the best.

             M & W

            Vienna and Caracas, S.A.

June 2003

 You are amazing  We had a wonderful stay.  In all my travels I can say this is the best place I have ever stayed in. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality – you guys were more than helpful!  Good luck  and Thanks!

A & K & A

Canada & England 


We would like to thank you for your hospitality and great service during our stay.  We will hopefully see you again in our travels.  Keep us the great work.  The evening on the terrace was great.  Fantastic idea, keep them going! 

Take care,


L & C & D & L

Ireland & Australia


Michael and Karin,

 You made us very welcome and in exchange I showed you how to clean and barbecue fish!  Perhaps not an equal exchange, let’s try rabbit next time.  Thanks also for all your advice on Paros, restaurants, beaches…...


P & P


 dinner with guests


What can I say that hasn’t already been said.  Your warmth, friendliness, hospitality and wicked sense of humour made this week fantastic.  A special thanks to you Karin, for your friendship and advice.  Who knows where I’ll be this time next week.  I’ll be sure to let you know!  Keep up the good work and the ‘carefree’ relaxed way of life.




Such a beautiful place.  We are so glad our paths could cross, else Paros would still remain a mystery.  Your hospitality knows no bounds which leaves us in fear because we know such warmth shall not be repeated on our journey.  We wish you all the best in the future and it has been a pleasure!

 L & R


 July 2003

 Dear Tante Karin and Oom Michael,

 We had a wonderful time here in Paros…not only because we had so many scooter rides on the island, with the box on our bike (so we looked like locals!), but also because every evening we could return home.  We thank you for your hospitality, tips about beautiful beaches and your friendly smiles and talks.  Whenever we’ll think back about Paros we’ll always remember you.  You are two fantastic people!  We wish you all the best for the future, don’t every change…you’re great!

 K & I



In fact it should be kept a secret:  the perfect sunset from Marinio’s .  Also Agia Irini Beach is UNIQUE.  We will come back!


J & F & J


 August 2003

 Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and great breakfast!  The jelly was delicious as well.  We hav e fallen in love with Paros and will be back very soon!  This was a great place to relax after 3 months of travelling around Europe!

 Thank you!

L & J


 Thanks for the great hospitality.  We had a truly remarkable and very enjoyable time on Paros.  We always enjoyed our conversations and the good advice you gave us.  We are all so very glad that we, by luck, chose this place to stay in all of Paros  We really appreciated having the use of the fins and snorkelling gear.  The kids really enjoyed the underwater adventure!  If you ever get to our end of B.C. you would be most welcome to stay with us, we have tons of room. 

 Thanks again for everything,

K & R & G & S


 September 2003

 Thank you for your caring.  Your lifestyle in this special place is enviable.  A beautiful relaxed island.  It was a wonderful stopover in our journey.  We enjoyed your friendly and helpful hospitality. We hope things continue to work well with you.

 A & K

New Zealand

 Karin and Michael,

 Thanks for looking after me so well.  I had the best holiday.  You were great, amazing views, fabulous food and the sunsets were out of this world.



2006:  You can see we have been negligent in updating our guests comments, but they do start to get repetitive, don't they?

Here is one a bit different from July 05:

Despite sleeping in until midday most days we have tried to fit in as much as possible:  windsurfing, swimming, outdoor movies, go-karting--but most of all we have enjoyed exploring the endless dirt tracks on our scooter finding hidden beaches and secluded spots to relax, read and watch the sun set.

S & S



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