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Photos--Here, There, Everywhere

Aah, what to include??  We have a ton of photos, most having meaning only to us.  If only you were here so that we could tell the story behind them!

Photos of our buildings and rooms are on the Rates Page.

We are always looking for copyright free pictures of beautiful Paros.  Please send us one or two.

Of course we have other photos throughout our full service site.  Please browse around.  Our Amorgos page is especially full.

We have a nice collection of Greek island photos on our Pinterest page

(Click on photo to enlarge)
Parikia Ferry Arrival
This and most photos by Karin
Aliki at dusk in July
Photo by Manfred
Traditional Coffee Shop
Enjoying guests at the table.
Cool snorkelling through a tunnel
Our beach at Piso Aliki
Mending_nets.JPG (53808 bytes)
Dance class at Palm Beach Taverna
Antiparos Cave with historical graffitti

Photo from Club Paros at Yahoo

a.irini_south_beach.JPG (79436 bytes)
South Beach at Agri Irini
aka Palm Beach

Purple flowers
    Aliki Fishermen
by Ron Johnson
Read about Paros Plein Air Workshop.
Read about  Cooking Workshop.


Or just use this Google Search Bar to find every image in the world!


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