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Ballroom Dancing -- Paros Style

I am beginning to see a common thread among the expatriate activities here on Paros.  Each is answering the question:  What ever in the world can I do to support my lifestyle on this fantastic island?

This endeavor that I have come across is truly unique.  In fact the Paros Dance Academy claim to have the only open-air, floating parquet dance floor on a beach in Europe.  Can anyone beat this copy line:

Latin Dancing is cool, sexy, sultry and
wonderful to watch. Do you want to learn
to move gracefully, yet enticingly? Bettina,
Michael and Kay show you how.

You really need to You really need to You really need to see the 700 photos on their web site to get the full picture of Paros’ most popular wind-surfing beach, Golden Beach, as the setting for an elaborate interplay among the characters of this dance drama.  There is Nikos, the local landlord and his family that operate the Louridis apartments and beach taverna, providing the traditional Greek hospitality.  Then you have commercial photographer Kay Will and his dancer wife, Bettina from Germany.  Add to that the dance coach Michael Honig who, partnered with Bettina, has won many dance competitions throughout Europe.  They compete in the S-Class which is the premier league of ballroom dancing.

These people show enthusiasm for life; they have done a great job of wedding ballroom dancing to the casual Paros lifestyle.  With other staff they provide a full range of dance classes and workshops from as little as one hour through multi-day intensive sessions.  Of course there is a lot of free fun thrown in as you would expect on the carefree island beach.  Anybody who likes to dance must drop in anytime June through October—for serious training call ahead.

The Paros Dance Academy now offers regular winter classes as well.

For years I have used the phrase:  Paros, the all around island with something for everyone.  Each season this truth becomes more evident as each visitor ponders the possibilities of his or her talents and skills and their viability on a small island.   Read more at Paros Dance Academy   

Another country noted for dancing and festivals is the Ukraine.  Check out their Kazantip Festival:  Kazantip -- Everything you wondered about Kazantip Festival:  Travel information, DJ Line-up, Reviews, Hotels, Nightlife, Helpful Tips.

Island music certainly has a charm of its own.  It sounds best on the beach, I think.  How does a Jamaica reggae music vacation sound?

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