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Clothing Optional Guide to Paros and Antiparos


This is less a guide and more the relating of my limited experience and knowledge of nude and topless beaches on Paros.  Some of the facts have been related by others; I wouldn’t want my readers to think this is all autobiographical.

Like so many other subjects involving social mores naturalism is constantly evolving.  What I read before coming to Greece seven years ago no longer seems to be true.  For instance now you will occasionally see younger Greek girls topless; earlier mainly Scandinavians and Germans were going bare.  I didn’t used to see topless women at the beaches closest to town; now you do.  Now you see them everywhere so more women are taking the plunge.  It doesn’t take long for any woman to see a pair of boobs or a figure that is less attractive than her own so she soon thinks, if they can do it, so can I.


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Normally you only find full nudity at the far end of the longer beaches or over a rock formation or other obstruction blocking the view from the local beach taverna.  Or, of course, at the designated nudist, naturalist beaches.  These change from year to year so it is best to check with the locals if you want to find, or avoid, a full nudity beach.  From my limited experience clothing is always optional at the designated nude beaches.  The alternative (cannabis smoking) and gay beaches on Paros are accessible by footpath only.  Everybody can see everybody else well ahead of time.

On the north end of Antiparos it is possible to walk from one island to another at low tide.  I wanted to do this but the starting point is at the nude beach.  So Karin and I were resting in the shade of a snack wagon parked on the beach.  We had a very unusual view of the bare legs lined up on the other side of the wagon.  It can also be a bit disconcerting to be walking along the beach and have a woman just ahead of you bend over to pick something up.

Normally it is easy enough not to stare at the people around you; especially with heavy dark sun glasses to hide behind.  But since it is impolite to talk with someone while wearing dark glasses it can be awkward to see someone you know.  What do you do with your eyes without being weird about it; you can’t spend the whole conversation just looking into her eyes?

You may have noticed that there are no photos to illustrate this article.  I am sure you know how rude that would be. We do have beach photos through out this site and in our Gallery.

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We also have a Guide to Paros Beaches with plenty of photos and detailed descriptions of nearly all Paros beaches.

Antiparos is a favourite hang-out for Scandinavians and consequently has the highest percentage of nude beaches--mainly at the North end at the narrow point to Diplo Island.  Also at the South end of Fanari Beach Club also, well, just about anywhere. 

On Paros, itself, we know a German couple that say they meet the nicest people at the nude end of Faranga Beach.  I am told  the gay and alternative beaches are over the hill past Monistriki Beach Club and on the way to Santa Maria out of Naoussa at Langeri.  Masada between Logaras and new Golden Beach is relatively isolated so tends to attract naturalists despite an old sign saying no nudity.

Finally, please remember Paros has something for everyone.  There are always more beaches than people on them—except 15 August, maybe—you can spend an enjoyable day finding the one that suits just you.  You can read about our Blue Flag Beaches on my blog.  By the way our favourite beach is known variously Agri Irini, Aghia Irini, Agia Irini and Palm Beach.  It is actually two coves within a cove and thus well protected regardless of wind direction.  Read more about it and nearly all Paros Beaches.  You can also take our Paros Beach Survey!

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