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More to Paros than white houses with blue shutters


There is a large and vibrant arts community on Paros.  This page is a collection of articles about varied aspects of local artists, galleries, schools and beautiful subject matter.

Painting on Paros

Picture perfect painting with pizzazz on our Paros paradise--It is easy to get carried away with the joy of living on a Greek isle.

The air and light of Greece has attracted artists for a longer time than any other place known to mankind.  It is a European country like no other.  You can not turn a corner without seeing remnants of the ancient civilization. 

  "The feature which most distinguishes the Greek from any other Mediterranean landscape is its clear spirituality.”   

   &            Some Aspects of Modern Greek Art by Manolis Hadjidakis

(I have also written a version of this article with more history.  If you are interested see excerpts below)

The history of the Cyclades predates even that of Athens with the added attraction to artists of crisp air and brilliant colors.  Included in this group are dramatic Santorini and posh Mykonos.  Paros is the hospitable island with just the right proportions of culture, people, shops and other activities and an over generous supply of fine beaches with warm water and charming tavernas. 

The incomparable beauty of this enchanting island offers painters a symphony of blues and golds to inspire their work.  Today there is a strong and vibrant artist’s community on the island.  Many are Greeks but even more are of other nationalities.  Some are world renown, most are content to live and work in such a conducive environment that they care not for the lure of marketing to a larger population.  Many tutors from the US and the UK bring their classes here to stretch their students to a new level of expression.


The potential painting locations are endless.  Here are but a few examples. 

Lefkes is a village favored by the artistic minded (right brain).  It is physically impossible to contort yourself to not see a painting, photo or pleasant view.

Piso Livadi equals Piso Livadi equals beach = boats = active fishing pier = mountain with monastery -- oh yes, and the sea.  Aliki is a small, very calm and peaceful village yet full of Cycladic architecture.  Naoussa, the in place with a colorful touristy façade, is both quaint and active.  Painters find it difficult to choose from the incredible variety of images. 

Everywhere and anywhere  through out the island workshop students are encouraged to find their own creative voice and develop their personal visual language to both communicate and be fed by the beauty that they see.     

Generally there is a specific agenda filling each day but structured to facilitate and enhance each participant’s individual experience.  Days are a combination of painting and leisure time; evenings provide a mix of socialising with fellow artists and free time.

Paros hoteliers are well experienced in providing trouble-free accommodations that automatically induce relaxation.  Accommodations have the plain Cycladic architecture that you see everywhere and offer the same clean private bathrooms and balconies that you find elsewhere.  The difference is provided by hosts who have traveled through-out the world and settled on Paros to specialise in creating an environment that allows artists to enhance their own art.

 In summary our Greek isle life style is a work of art in which you are invited to share.

Please check our currently scheduled workshop:  Plein Air Watercolour



Joy of Beauty

Last night was one of the most stimulating evenings that we have had in a long time. 

I have written before about the extensive art community on Paros; the organised members are called IPAC (International Paros Art Circle).  They are hosting a discussion series loosely based around art appreciation.  The first one was titled The Use of Art in Everyday Live but it quickly became What is Art. 

The introductory presentation was given by Peter Seibt, an internationally known painter.  I was amazed at how comprehensive his analysis was.  I didn’t take notes so I can’t summarise other than to say art pervades every facet of our lives both as individuals and as groups or societies.  My conclusion was that art would have a broader base, less elitist, if we used the phrase joy of beauty in place of the word art

It was rather humorous that when we arrived a few minutes early the only people present were the hostess and one of her friends.  We thought Oh, oh, this is going to be a small, intimate discussion group.  But by the time we started by Greek time, many minutes late, the room was almost full and several people arrived after that.  I would guess over 50 people—very good for any community event.  There are two permanent art schools on the island and several of their students were there.

Next weeks discussion is on Ancient Art and Public Art followed by our leading medical doctor on the intriguing title Renoir and Rheumatoid Arthritis.       

I love island life.

Some Paros Galleries

Holland Tunnel Gallery - The original is located in Brooklyn, N.Y., USA but this summer edition is well worth a visit.  The building is a 17th century merchant's house and is open for browsing when the gallery is open.

There are a great many other regular galleries and exhibition spaces on Paros but I need some updated information.  If you have any contact information please pass it on to me.  Cheers.


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More on history

 Enhance your art by exploring its roots.  There is a direct connection between pre-historic Greece and the popular Greek isle of Paros.

 The history of the Cyclades predates that of Athens and the rest of Greece.  In the early Bronze Age about 3,000 BC, the same time as the early Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, the islanders created the first European art.  These were unique funerary statuettes—all made of Parian marble.  The same luminescent marble that was used for the prime sculpture of the Greek golden age.

 The other ancient Greek art style that is known for breaking new ground with its fluid, naturalistic style was Minoan from the nearby island of Crete.  These islanders demonstrated their advanced, pleasure-loving lifestyle with three-dimensional forms, lines and colours that are still popular today.  The Minoans had a major outpost on Paros.

 Modern Greece is a European country like no other; you can not turn a corner without seeing remnants of the ancient civilization. Yet this same light and air inspires every artist who makes a pilgrimage to the birthplace of western culture. 

 "The feature which most distinguishes the Greek from any other Mediterranean landscape is its clear spirituality.  Often simple buildings are so portrayed that they become symbols of the country's fortune.  In landscapes of the contemporary Greek art we see the barren soil, the geometric architecture, and the inexorable sunlight.  Sharp outline is matched by brilliant coloring. This painting is neither uniform nor derived from a single source, but all of it has a common motivation; to portray a world rich in intellectual and emotional experience through simple but forthright means and a symbolism that preserves the appearance of things."

            Some Aspects of Modern Greek Art by Manolis Hadjidakis


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