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Whatever you want to call them, Paros has a lot to offer.

"Do It Better On Paros!"

       yoga on Greek island         Live long and prosper
with Yoga Workshop
                    Read more about Art Workshops
Lefkes view by Anita Miller
Participate in archeological dig
                 Use all 5 senses to learn Greek cooking
                 Horseback in the sea We custom build a package of yoga, pilates, horseback, bicycle, whatever:
You chose!


       We are currently working on details and dates for shorter workshops (2 - 5 days) for

Sailing  --  Photography

Jewellery Making

Travel Journals  --  Writing

Archeological Dig:  Still in planning, please let us know your interest 

As well as a week of combining cooking and painting--

or how about yoga, cooking and painting.  We recently had that request.

Optional Extra:  Starting at €450 per person we can add one week of touring the major art and antiquity sites of mainland Greece.  Read more

Please email for particulars if you are interested in any of the above.

Further, we have experience in economical packages for any kind of group activity--

Bring Your Group to Paros at affordable rates!

All you need is an idea and we will help shape it into reality.

Many walking, trekking and bicycling enthusiasts come to Paros;

we can connect you with the local experts.

Also photography, pilates, spiritual, dance; Paros has something for everyone!

Contact Michael. Logo - Wide variety of original fine art for sale. Personalized art consulting services. Mediums include; paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media and more. Under the management of Agora Gallery. Established in 1984.


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